Garden to Enjoy BBQ

This is a case of a re-garden in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

Garden exterior that gives the impression of Provence style, French style, and European townscape.
We used warm colors to match the color of the house, and combined greenery such as grass and natural materials to create a space with a gentle atmosphere...

We designed the barbecue stove, sink, etc. to meet the request of the client who wanted to have a barbecue.

As this was a re-garden, we tried to create a color scheme and design that harmonized the exterior of the building with the existing structure, so that there would be no sense of retrofit or incongruity.

Before construction.
Tile deck, lawn, and hedges were in a simple configuration.

The tile deck and wooden garden furniture were good items, so we decided to use them instead of losing them.
After completion.
It now looks like a stylish European cafe terrace.

While making use of the existing tiled deck, we used new natural materials such as random stones to create the curves.
In place of the hedge, we installed a Jolliput painted sleeve wall with rounded corners in a rhythmic pattern.
One of the key points is to round off the corners, so the curved lines are used instead of straight lines to create a round and gentle atmosphere.
Surrounding the wall with brightly colored sleeves gives a bright impression.

The BBQ stove is made of bricks.
You can choose the type of bricks you want, so it matches the garden better.
The garden sink is also built!
The top edge is finished with randomly shaped stone.
Here's a shot of the lighting.
The gentle light of the bulb color creates a more romantic atmosphere.

I can't wait to put some aromatic candles in it!
Lights for the garden sink and barbecue stove side.
The lighting is tucked between the back wall and the wall, creating an indirect lighting effect.

The shape of the marine lamp itself is cute and combines the elements of an object.