Gate Design with Rustic Colors

This is a case of a new exterior construction in Kokubunji City.

The concept is a lovely "not too decorative" exterior in calm tones.

It's a simple composition, but each arrangement has its own meaning.

First of all, a gate sleeve is placed in front of the front door so that the line of sight cannot escape.
There is also a bicycle storage area behind the gate sleeve so that the bicycles will not be visible.
The gate sleeves are made up with fine mosaic stones and decorated in a modest way.
In front of the gate sleeve, the stone is placed with a little space to create a craggy natural line.
It is decorated with plantings in places.

The paving in the parking lot is partly washed out in the front to accentuate the appearance when the cars stop.
By continuing the paving to the front of the gate sleeves, a sense of unity is created.
Approach bends at 1, 2, and 3 to avoid monotony.
At the first bend, a symbolic tree is planted to serve as an ice top.
It can be seen from the road, so it has a strong presence.

For the approach, we used different materials: 300 x 600 square natural stone and 90 square pebble stone.
Bicycle parking area.

The greenery is the first thing you see when you come out of the house, and the olives are placed behind the gate sleeves.


Blindfold fence.
You can hang planters on it for a cute look.
Placing ivy, green necklaces, etc. are recommended
View from the side.
It can be installed near the boundary.

Refreshing white standing faucet.
This faucet does not use a garden pan,but has a border of pebbles and decorative gravel inside.
The water is allowed to soak into the soil.
(We recommend using a garden pan if you want to store water to wash something.)

Symbol tree.
The trunk is thin and light.
The foot of the tree is made of lumpy chestnut stone to give it a natural look.
Spotlight has also been installed to illuminate the tree at night.