House with Spacious Lawn.

This is an introduction to a newly built exterior and garden in Akiruno City.

The garden exterior harmonizes with the calm house.

We chose a dark gray color to match the house for the wooden deck that can be accessed through two sweeping windows.
It is large enough to accommodate garden furniture so that you can relax in the garden.

It is surrounded by a spacious lawn that makes the space open and pleasant.
You can even hear the trees swaying in the wind.
The wooden deck that straddles the two windows has been reshaped.
One side is wide enough to accommodate furniture.
On the other side, trees were placed for the view from the windows.

Tree used: Styrax japonicus
Planting undergrowth: white flowering dogwood, ivy, cordyline, etc.
On the other side of the wooden deck, we put up a white wall for a fresh look.
The design is not too simple with some indentations.
Planting area is also slanted to create a three-dimensional effect.
The top of the deck is covered with stone, which can be used as a bench or a flower stand.

View from above.

The planting space for undergrowth and flowers was raised above the ground to make it easier to manage.

The parking lot and gate area looks  simple, but actually with some design touches in places.
The accents are stone, and the joints are planted with tamarinds.
The conifers are used as ice-tops to keep the eye from wandering away.
A conifer is used as an ice-top so that the long space does not become a bleak landscape.

The intercom system is placed close to the road side to prevent
This prevents unspecified people from entering the site.
In front of the Japanese-style room, we created a Inner garden.(In japanese called Tsuboniwa)
We surrounded it with bamboo fences, a Japanese item.
We also used tiles, decorative gravel, and stones to create a Japanese atmosphere.

Planting used: Camellia japonica,Tamarind, Senryo, Fir tree
Garden is surrounded by bamboo fence, a Japanese item.

The landscape stones are placed in the Tamaryu mound to create an atmospheric garden.