House with Wisteria Shelf

This is an case of the exterior and garden of Mr. H's residence in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

We won the Silver Style Award (Renovation and Renovation Category) at the 2020 YKK-AP Exterior Style Awards.

House with a wisteria trellis
The exterior of this house was renovated along with the reconstruction of the building.

Exterior was renovated along with the reconstruction of the building.
Approach to the house was designed using the same techniques as those used in traditional Japanese gardens.
Result is a sophisticated Japanese style exterior garden that does not look old.

Parking lot is closed with grill shutters, and the gate is a closed structure with high security.

The gate is set back from the road, and the foot of the gate is made up with pebble stones to give a sense of depth to the space.
It is equipped with the latest system of electric locks, which can be used with the same key as the door of the building.

We chose a gate that allows line of sight and allows you to look into the view of the site.

However, in order to prevent the line of sight from going all the way to the back of the house, we have placed a planting  as an ice-top.
This creates a sense of anticipation as to what lies ahead.

This is the view after passing through the entrance.

On the left is the wisteria trellis and the approach to the entrance, and on the right is the parking space with a carport.


Paving is a combination of square stones and randomly shaped stones (Called:Suwa Teppei).
The stones are set with an awareness of the vertical line leading to the entrance.
By planting Enkianthus perulatus in the middle of the parking lot and approach, the role of the space switches naturally.
The foot of the Enkianthus perulatus was planted with tamarinds to form a gentle hill.
Shot of the wisteria trellis.
Shelves will be covered over the next three years.
We are also looking forward to seeing the ceiling covered with wisteria.
The parking lot is paved with stone on all sides, which gives it a luxurious feel. The paving is done with horse joints, which are paved with pebbles in different directions.
Natural stone is also used for car stops.

In terms of material selection, one of the key points of this exterior.
Design is to use real natural materials instead of another.

View from the entrance side of the building.
The well-balanced arrangement of plants makes for a pleasant space.

Gate area.

It illuminates the nameplate and welcomes you gently.

The downlights in front of the entrance create a sense of depth with the light.
The spotlight is placed under the Enkianthus perulatus.
The light is so romantic that it seems to spill out from the leaves.


Another angle.

Light and shadow, the shape of the trunk and leaves come into view.
Door side
Line lighting is placed on the wall of the building behind the parking lot.
Illuminating the wall with a surface makes it brighter.

The above is an introduction to a house with a wisteria shelf.

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