Newly constructed exterior,Modern exterior with a spacious staircase

This is our imagination of a new exterior construction in Hachioji City.

The exterior of the house is unified with a calm dark gray color.
The site has a horizontal shape and a height difference of about 1 meter from the road to the building.

The parking lot space is designed to have rectangular concrete joints to illustrate the horizontal shape of the land.  in order to be aware of the land spreading out horizontally.
The concrete is trowel-finished for a smooth, matte finish.
Pink decorative gravel was used for the joints. It blends in well with the wooden fence.

The earth retaining block is a simple jollipad finish.

Approach and gate area.

Combination of black tiles and wood grain stands out.
The path with in an L-shape and continues to the entrance. 

Gate sleeves have a simple jollipad finish.

Evergreen trees and deciduous trees are planted on both sides of the gate.

Side view from the parking space.
Across the approach, the parking space continues to the back.

The primary tree is a striped ash that
The greenery is clearly reflected on the white wall in the background.

At the foot of the ash trees is a planting strip for undergrowth.

Variety of plants will add color to the entrance area.

Shot from a slight angle.
For the gate sleeve, the nameplate and intercom are installed in front, and the post is placed on the side.
The purpose is to secure the width of the parking lot side. The width of the stairs is wide, so the post won't get in the way.

By securing a long flow line to the entrance, a deep and spacious staircase can be realized.

Stumpy tree that has fallen in winter.
In the background, I set up an accent tree corner post.

Close-up photo  of the post and nameplate.

The stylishly designed nameplate and post are used.

View of the stairs from above.

Even though only a portion of the pavement is covered with tiles, it looks gorgeous and makes a nice accent.

Combined with the wooden fence, it's a beautiful picture.

Bicycle parking space.

Simple flat roof type.

The area around the building, visible from the road, is planted with plants so that it does not look lonely.

Simple and compact bike rack.

We recommend this bike rack to organize your bikes so that they are not knocked over by the wind as much as possible.
On the garden side, there is a lawn and vegetable garden space.
The lawn is brown because it was dormant when the photo was taken, but it is green in spring and summer.

Vegetable garden space made of sleepers, wooden fences, corner posts, and hedges.

This garden. Natural and Modern