Cafe-Style Exterior Garden by Rubble Stone 

We worked on the exterior of a new building and garden.

The owner has a camping car and a bass boat.
The design was based on the concept of simple modern and nature.
This is the gate and approach area.
In response to a request from a client who likes the atmosphere of Starbucks, we used a photo of the store as a reference and included Rubble Stone, colors, and trees in the plan.

We piled up broken stones and natural stones around a simple arched functional gate post.
The craggy Rubble Stone, which are larger than normal gravel, look cool.

View from the back.
The front is piled up with natural stones and the back is planted in Rubble Stones.
The post box is a type that allows you to take out the mail from behind.

The approach to the house is a winding line of traffic.
On the left side, there is a lawn leading to the garden, and on the right side, there is a lot of planting along the path.
The parking lot was also designed with horizontal lines in mind to match the features of the wide lot and horizontal bus port, creating a sense of unity.
Three lines of gray interlocking pavers were laid along the road, and the rest of the site was kept simple with earthen concrete and gravel.

Owner's boat
Turning to the right on the approach, you can see a white tile deck that looks great against the greenery.

A part of the tile deck was hollowed out into a square and planted with trees.

You can enjoy the trees from inside the house.

We also created a vegetable garden space so that you can grow vegetables in the field.
Also going  out the window and harvest right away.

Here's a look from another angle.

You can go outside through multiple sweeping windows.
Relaxing or playing with children inside a small craft pool on the lawn or even on the tile deck with furniture.

A lot of trees are growing vigorously.

The greenery is beautiful.

We’ve received several requests for a Starbucks-style atmosphere.
The calm yet stylish atmosphere makes everyone want to incorporate it into the design of home.

We’ll use our imagination and professional experience to create your dream garden!!

Sanken Planet has experience in exterior and garden construction in Hachioji City as well as all around Tokyo.
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