Garden with a natural wood deck

This time, we would like to introduce  exterior and garden project for a new building in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

We proposed the perfect garden for a family who really loves the outdoors activity

Sanken Planet has experience in exterior and garden construction in Hachioji City as well as all around Tokyo.
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Dark gray exterior walls and the bright wood grain tone make this building stylish and modern

There is a parking space on the left and an approach on the right from the building.

You can park your car in the garage,which directly connects to inside the building.

The gate area is made of gray-base blue pebbles that match the building.
The natural texture is cozy.

A stand-alone delivery box has also been installed.
After passing through the gate, the way leads to the entrance.

We have asked craftsmen to install the stone, which has uniform joints and beautiful stonework.
This is one of the strongest points of Sanken Planet.
We drew curves and added planted plants in the empty spaces.
The wood flooring inside the building and the wood deck outside are  designed to match the spacing of the grain of the wood to create a connection.
It makes the room feel bigger.
The front of the house has a blindfold fence up.
It's all made of natural wood.

You can read a book outside, play with your kids, have a picnic, put a hammock outside, etc.
There are many ways to use it!
This is the view of the house from the garden side.

It matches the color of the eaves.
This is a standing faucet with a convenient shower.
Lighting has been installed on the fence to brighten the area even at night.
Wood steps.
On the fence, we made a shelf where I can put small things such as plants and objects.

It doesn't look so bleak from inside the room.
A part of the wood deck has been hollowed out and planted with trees.

The trees will be supported by posts to prevent them from falling over in the wind.

We also installed spotlights to illuminate the trees from underneath.
Now it became night.

The trees on either side of the site and the trees at the back are illuminated by light.
The trees on the left and right sides of the site and the trees at the back of the site are illuminated so that the viewer can feel the spaciousness and depth of the space through the light .
The tree is illuminated by a spotlight that shines upward from the foot of the tree.
(This photo was taken in winter, so the leaves have fallen off.)
This is a light that can illuminate both above and below.
Installed near the gate, it gently illuminates the feet and plants.
This is a view of the wood deck side.

With the downlights on the building, the lights on the fence, and the spotlights on the trees
The garden is now so bright that it can be used even at night.
This is the situation without lighting in the garden.
The room is so bright that the interior is reflected.
When you turn on the lights in the garden, the space appears and
It reduces the reflection of the window.

If you darken the room, you will be able to see the garden more beautifully.
This is the view from the front.

The fence is illuminated with a surface light that is easy on the eyes and brightens the area.
We provided an Introduction to a house with a wooden deck.
Sanken Planet, we are great at designing exteriors and gardens. We can offer a wide range of products, including natural wood as well as artificial wood products.

We can provide our services all around the Tokyo area.
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