Extend Living Room with Garden

This is an introduction to the new exterior of the Mr.O's Residence in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa.

The main feature of this project is a spacious wooden deck that leads from the floor of the room to the outside, serving as another living room.
By aligning the wooden deck with the direction of the flooring in the room, the floor appears to spread out without any sense of discomfort.

On the other side of the window, a design wall has been put up to create an ice top.
The patterned tiles cut out in rectangles make it look as if it were decorated with paintings.
Design wall.
The good thing about this wall is that it not only looks good, but it is also functional.

First of all, there is a bench in front of the wall, which is actually a floating bench with a U-shaped slot on the side.
On the side, there is a flower stand, a standing water faucet, a tool storage area, and other items necessary for maintaining the garden.
Decorative item.
The light used a marine lamp.
On the right are items that can be used to hang tools.
Standing water faucet.
By installing two faucets, one can be used exclusively as a hose.

Small storage and working space.

You can also decorate it by placing pots and bottles like this.
At night, the lights come on.
Indirect lighting that lights up the tiles from below and marine lamps shine.
The top of the wooden deck is bright enough with the light leaking from inside the room.
View from the room.

It makes you want to go out to the garden.
On a sunny day, you can put garden furniture in the room.
The garden furniture will provide you with a luxurious time to relax and enjoy the breeze.

You can also enjoy Wine,Beer,Elegant night has come!
Exterior of the front side of the building.
Southern European style exterior to match the building.
This is a closed exterior.
Building is hollowed out in some places to create a sense of space.

Shot of the lighting.
Botanical patterned iron gate, terracotta colored tiles, and mosaic tiles on the wall go well together.
It has a warm atmosphere.
The plants on both sides also add color to the gate area.
By setting back the gate and the wall instead of putting up the gate and the wall near the road, there is more space for planting.